Wednesday, October 13, 2010

No dirty title jokes, because this is a family website

I'm all for trying new food, and the stranger the better. Snake, durian, ants, cow tail, donkey, avocado milkshakes, and more have all found their way into my belly. (I am still a little disappointed that I passed up horse at that pizza parlor in Italy.)

So when we were at a steakhouse in Phoenix the other night and our server informed us that the "calf fries" on the menu were actually deep-fried testicles, the dish had to be ordered. (It was actually my brother who told the waiter to make it happen.)

They came out as well-fried pieces a little smaller than a golf ball, ten to an order with a side of cocktail sauce. They weren't bad: crispy coating on the outside and slightly spongy and juicy on the inside, but without any sort of off-putting flavor. Would I order them again? No, but they weren't horrible, and so far I've lived to eat another day.